ReforNations First Christmas Tree Fundraiser

After spending about two years in Uganda, East Africa, we discovered a lot about the needs of the people. We discovered that they were starved for Study Bibles, Biblically sound Christian books, curriculum, and discipleship materials.

Uganda is a land-locked country in the middle of Africa, and shipping books to such a place is very cost prohibitive especially considering the average daily wage for a Ugandan is about $2.50. Ugandans see education as the only way out of poverty, and a Christian education is what can transform their nation.

Our plan is to purchase and install an on-demand printing press in Uganda, to print materials locally which will greatly reduce the cost and difficulties of obtaining good biblical resources for our Ugandan brothers and sisters.

The estimated cost of this press including shipping, installation and 6 months of consumables to get started is $65,000

Check out the video below to see how the printing press system works

Open hours for the Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Fri. Nov. 24th 9am-9pm

Sat. Nov. 25th 9am-6:30pm

Sun. Nov. 26th 2pm-6:30pm

Mon.-Fri. Nov. 27th-Dec. 1st 4pm-6:30pm

Sat. Dec. 2nd 9am-6:30pm

Sun. Dec 3rd 2pm-6:30pm

Following week open 4pm-6:30pm if trees are still available.

Christmas items for sale!

Fresh  Grade 1 Fraser Fir trees 4′-8’+

Wreaths 22″-28″

Tree Stands


Homemade products

Ugandan Crafts

Gluten Free Treats (The Flavor Market)

Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider